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Geriatric dogs have their own set of problems. We work to help them in their elderly years. In general, with a very old dog, I would clip off the coat, rather than de-mat, as this precious pet has had many years of being beautiful, now it is time to be comfortable.


Due to mental impairment, blindness or hearing difficulties, the geriatric pet may be confused. We speak to them at all times before we touch them so we don't startle them. Blind dogs are spoken to at all times so they can locate us, and to reassure them.


Arthritis my cause joint pain. Some older pets may have suffered from Hip Dysplasia in there youth, which may now cause more problems in old age. When grooming this type of pet, it may cry out in pain or bite when the joint is handled, therefore we handle all geriatric pets as if they have arthritis. We move very slow and careful when working on an elderly pet in order to make them more comfortable and prevent injuries.


As your pet ages the skin becomes thinner making it more prone to damage, therefore a more gentle technique is used. Warts can easily be caught by brush or comb. We like to write this down on your pets card.


If at anytime your pet becomes stressed, I will stop immediately. After a few minutes if he is still stressed, I will phone you to come pick him/her up and schedule to finish the groom another day. Sometimes it does take two grooming sessions to complete safely and to keep your pet from getting too stressed.

You will be asked to sign a waiver for emergency animal care, and it will give me permission if necessary to rush your pet to the closest Vet hospital for care if needed during it's visit.